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We help you find the time to achieve your goals.

 To provide tailored support to you and your organization, we have three approaches: 1:1 advising, team workshops, and retainer services.


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Our team of consultants has an array of experience and sophisticated analytical skills, so we can help anyone from new employees and/or aspiring managers to C-suite executives. Our aim is to help you manage the competing demands of 21st century work and life. To do so, we use our advanced degrees in psychology, adult development, and leadership to support you in the following: 

Individual goal ACHIEVEMENT

  • Prepare effectively for the next phase (first job, new job, and/or promotion)

  • Design and implement a project-based goal with efficiency

  • Create a personal brand and plan effectively for your future

  • Develop your capacity, curiosity, and habits to overcome complex challenges

  • Examine your values-based decision-making

  • Improve interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships

  • Reframe and redefine your transitions/struggles as opportunities

  • Assess and improve work-life balance

Executive Functioning: Strategic timing

  • Streamline e-mail 

  • Increase meeting efficiency

  • Improve internal and external communication

  • Increase focus and attention management

  • Asses new-hires and advance on-boarding strategies 

  • Optimize calendaring and workflow

  • Enhance employee engagement and focus

  • Prioritize individual and organizational goals

Leadership: Capacity for Deep Implementation and Cultural Change

  • Foster emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Co-create explicit leadership vision, transformation, and strategy 

  • Develop conflict-resolution/negotiation tools

  • Coach team-leaders in group dynamics

  • Provide design-thinking facilitation for problem-solving

  • Identify and design solutions for employee turnover or burnout

  • Design and facilitate meaningful feedback loops

Our process is simple; we talk with you on the phone for 15-20 minutes to learn about your needs. Then, we set up a time for you to meet in person with the consultant(s) whom we believe best match your goals. 


our services



After carefully assessing your individual needs and goals, we co-create personalized plans to help you overcome pressing challenges in addition to providing long-term strategies to create lasting, transformative change.

As our value is our individualized approach to meet your specific needs, we do not have pre-packaged plans. Instead, we co-create a plan with you.

Sessions include immediate problem solving with concrete strategies to improve time-management, organizational processes and on-going work-flow in addition to personalized assessment to identify and deconstruct root causes.

Field-specific Needs

We also offer individualized, field-specific consulting, workshops, and training to match you with senior experts within your field.

Together, we will tailor our strategies to your institutional and professional norms. In this team approach, we utilize all our resources to ensure our plan matches your desired outcomes.


Following an initial session with leaders and/or entire teams, we develop a customized plan to help you improve group dynamics and achieve your team and organization’s goals.

Sessions include professional development or skill-based trainings in addition to individual and group sessions to negotiate and/or mediate conflict, examine feedback loops, and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Workshops and Trainings

We also craft workshops and trainings that include but are not limited to:

  • Formal professional development trainings on topics such as e-mail management, task initiation, self-regulation, effective communication, and efficient processes for group dynamics.

  • Informal working lunches to facilitate conversations around ways to enhance already existing systems

  • Weekly or monthly sessions to incrementally build capacity of teams.

  • Off-Sites for goal-focused strategic sessions to maximize effectiveness and efficiency

  • Facilitation and negotiation through interpersonal or organizational conflict


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